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Timing is everything in the aviation industry.  Have an interview planned?  Show up at the interview with a logbook that you are proud of.  Your time prior to your interview is important.  Let us take care of the logbook, you take care of getting the job of your dreams.
Rigorous error checking after data entry.  Each logbook goes through multiple scripts and macros prior to being deemed “airworthy.”  However, accuracy depends on 2 factors: quality of scan, and legibility of the logbook.
Only $0.20 per line plus a small data fee.  Enter your logbook information on our Pricing page for exact rates.  Pay easily online with Google Checkout.  Watch for promotional offers in your crew lounge. 
Jeff Dougherty, Founder
Jeff is a current commercial airline pilot with nearly 9,000 hours of flight experience.  He has experience with flight instruction, regional airlines, airline pilot recruitment and hiring, and major / cargo operations. 
About your Crew
Joe McNamee, Co-Founder
Joe is a current commercial airline pilot with nearly 6,000 hours of flight experience.  His background includes flight instruction, regional airline operations, and computer programming.
Email: Joe@ConvertMyLogbook.commailto:Joe@ConvertMyLogbook.comshapeimage_9_link_0