Military Logbook conversion

At ConvertMyLogbook we have quite a bit of experience with converting military logbooks. We know there are a lot of different recommendations out there for how to do the civilian conversions but we prefer to stay conservative with our conversions. In all cases all military times are transferred to the logbook program with custom columns to keep the original times as written including Total Pilot Time, First Pilot, Co-Pilot, and A/C Commander. This is in addition to all fields found in a standard paper logbook conversion. We perform the civilian conversion as follows:

Civilian Total Time Greater of Total Pilot Time and A/C Commander
Civilian PIC Total Pilot Time if A/C Commander, or First Pilot time if winged and not A/C Commander
Civilian SIC Co-Pilot time if not A/C Commander
Civilian Dual Recieved Total Pilot Time if not A/C Commander and not winged
Civilian Dual Given (on request only) A/C Commander time if Kind of Flight Code starts with 1 and already winged

Just like civilian conversions, an error report is provided, and approaches are transferred. For Navy logbooks, we transfer Arrests, Bolters, etc if they are in the appropriate columns or if using the more recent format (Type-Count, i.e. F-5).